2014 | Scientific Publications
    Wang1, H., P. J. Rasch, R. C. Easter, B. Singh, R. Zhang, P.-L. Ma, Y. Qian, S. J. Ghan, & N. Beagley

    Abstract - We introduce an explicit emission tagging technique in the Community Atmosphere Model to quantify source-region-resolved characteristics of black carbon (BC), focusing on the Arctic....

    2014 | Scientific Publications
    Mori, T., Y. Kondo, S. Ohata, N. Moteki, H. Matsui, N. Oshima, & A. Iwasaki

    Abstract - Mass concentrations of black carbon (BC) in air (MBC) and rainwater (CBC) in the East China Sea were measured at Hedo on Okinawa Island, Japan, from April 2010 to March 2013. The...


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