2020 | Reports, Case Studies & Assessments
    , Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS)

    How we guide progress toward achieving access to modern-energy cooking solutions for all is more critical than ever before. To date, measurements of access have focused primarily on fuel...

    2020 | Reports, Case Studies & Assessments
    Hellin, J.; Balié, J.; Fisher, E.; Kohli, A.; Connor, M.; Yadav, S.; Kumar, V.; Krupnik, T.J.; Sander, B.O.; Cobb, J.; Nelson, K.; Setiyono, T.; Puskur, R.; Chivenge, P.; Gummert, M. Trans-Disciplinary Responses to Climate Change: Lessons from Rice-Based Systems in Asia. Climate 2020, 8, 35.

    Climate change will continue to have a largely detrimental impact on the agricultural sector worldwide because of predicted rising temperatures, variable rainfall, and an increase in extreme...

    2020 | Reports, Case Studies & Assessments
    , Melanie Connor, Annalyn H. de Guia, Reianne Quilloy, Hung Van Nguyen, Martin Gummert, Bjoern Ole Sander

    Rice farmers in the Mekong Delta are not only experiencing challenges due to climate change but are also expected to increase production through sustainable intensification. Increased production...

    2019 | Reports, Case Studies & Assessments
    , Susan Anenberg, Joshua Miller, Daven Henze, Ray Minjares

    This report links state-of-the-art models on vehicle emissions, air pollution, and epidemiological models to determine how, when, and where transportation emissions are impacting air quality and...

    2019 | Reports, Case Studies & Assessments
    , Tran,V.T; Van T.N; Thi Dieu T.L.; Hoang A.R.; Meryl S.; Leocadio S.; Wollenberg, E.; K.Vu, D.Q; Sander, B.O

    Rice production is integral to agriculture and food security in Vietnam, but it also contributes greenhouse gas emissions. In 2010, paddy rice production emitted 44.61 million tons carbon dioxide...


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