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    2014 | Scientific Publications
    Hu, W., G. S. Downward, B. Reiss, J. Xu, B. A. Bassig, H. D. Hosgood, III, L. Zhang, W. J. Seow, G. Wu, R. S. Chapman, L. Tian, F. Wei, R. Vermeulen, & Q. Lan

    The combustion of biomass and coal is the dominant source of household air pollution (HAP) in China, and contributes significantly to the total burden of disease in the Chinese population. To...

    2014 | Scientific Publications
    Qiao, L., J. Cai, H. Wang, W. Wang, M. Zhou, S. Lou, R. Chen, H. Dai, C. Chen, H. Kan

    Although ambient PM2.5 has been linked to adverse health effects, the chemical constituents that cause harm are largely unclear. Few prior studies in a developing country have reported the health...

    2014 | Scientific Publications
    Gordon, S. B., N. G Bruce, J. Grigg, P. L Hibberd, O. P. Kurmi, K. H. Lam, K. Mortimer, K. P. Asante, K. Balakrishnan, J. Balmes, N. Bar-Zeev, M. N. Bates, P. N. Breysse, S. Buist, Z. Chen, D. Havens, D. Jack, S. Jindal, H. Kan, S. Mehta, P. Moschovis

    A third of the world's population uses solid fuel derived from plant material (biomass) or coal for cooking, heating, or lighting. These fuels are smoky, often used in an open fire or simple...


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