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    2014 | Scientific Publications
    Gordon, S. B., N. G Bruce, J. Grigg, P. L Hibberd, O. P. Kurmi, K. H. Lam, K. Mortimer, K. P. Asante, K. Balakrishnan, J. Balmes, N. Bar-Zeev, M. N. Bates, P. N. Breysse, S. Buist, Z. Chen, D. Havens, D. Jack, S. Jindal, H. Kan, S. Mehta, P. Moschovis

    A third of the world's population uses solid fuel derived from plant material (biomass) or coal for cooking, heating, or lighting. These fuels are smoky, often used in an open fire or simple...

    2014 | Scientific Publications
    Kovats, S., M. Depledge, A. Haines, L. E Fleming, P. Wilkinson, S. B Shonkoff, & N. Scovronick

    What is known about the health effects of gas extraction by induced hydraulic fracturing of gas-bearing rock — ie, fracking? A workshop held on Nov 15, 2013, at the London School of Hygiene...

    2014 | Scientific Publications
    Lead authors: Kavi Bhalla, Marc Shotten, Aaron Cohen, Michael Brauer, Saeid Shahraz, Richard Burnett, Katherine Leach-Kemon, Greg Freedman, Christopher J.L. Murray

    This report quantifies, for the first time, the global health loss from injuries and air pollution that can be attributed to motorized road transport. It combines estimates of the global burden of...


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