Stronger Ambition, Further Action for Climate and Air Pollution

6 December, 2019


COP25, Hall 6, Korea Pavilion (6B08)

One of the defining global challenges of our time is combatting climate change. Climate change and air pollution are similar in that they are both by-products of rapid industrialization and fossil fuel combustion. However, while the effects of climate change take place over the longer term, the threats of air pollution are felt immediately, thus demanding a more urgent response.

In that sense, tackling particulate matter air pollution will be a good point of entry in urging the global community to not only urgently pursue action against air pollution but also climate change. We will focus on the co-benefits of tackling climate change and air pollution to build stronger partnerships for tackling both challenges. This will require comprehensive actions in tandem with the energy sector, but most of all greater ambitions to combat air pollution and climate change. 

See here for a full list of CCAC events at COP25


  • Mr. Ahn Byung-ok, Chairman of the Executive Management Committee of NCCA
  • Mr. Mark Radka, Head of the Energy, Climate & Technology Branch, UNEP
  • Dr Jennifer Lenhart, Global lead for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Cities
  • Mr. Dan McDougall, Senior Fellow of Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)


15:00 to 15:10 - Opening and Introduction

15:10 to 16:10 - Panel Discussion

16:10 to 16:25 - Q&A Session

16:25 - 16:30 - Closing

The event will be followed by a small reception with food and beverages starting at 16:30. 



Event contact

Tiy Chung,
Communications Officer
+33 6 26 71 79 81
Tiy.Chung [at]


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