Reducing the risks of overselling under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

29 June, 2020
9:00 EDT (13:00 UTC)
Online event

The Paris Agreement requires Parties to avoid double counting of mitigation outcomes by applying “corresponding adjustments” for any transferred mitigation outcomes to reported emissions or other indicators used to track nationally determined contribution (NDC) progress. A major concern of prospective transferring countries is the risk that participation in cooperative approaches could compromise achieving their NDC, due to “overselling” of emission reductions. This is not in the interest of acquiring countries either, since the perception of risk might reduce transferring countries’ willingness to trade and to commit to corresponding adjustments.

With support from the Swedish Energy Agency, a team from Carbon Limits, INFRAS, SEI and Oeko Institute analysed strategies to address this important risk, which could compromise NDC achievement if remaining mitigation opportunities turn out to be too expensive. The webinar will cover practical approaches that both transferring and acquiring countries could use to ensure environmental integrity and promote international cooperation while not compromising the ability of transferring countries to meet their NDC goals.


  • (05 min) Welcome by Christopher Zink, Swedish Energy Agency
  • (25 min) Presentation the lead authors (Anik Kohli & Randall Spalding-Fecher)
  • (30 min) Q&A, moderated by Jürg Füssler

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