Chile joined the Coalition to strengthen its activities to reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) both domestically and abroad. Prior to joining the CCAC, Chile implemented SLCP mitigation activities in the waste, transport, household energy, agricultural and bricks sectors to improve air quality in its cities. Upon joining the CCAC, Chile expressed an interest in sharing its experience with Coalition partners by providing access to the country’s data and participating in Coalition-led studies. 


Activity | HFC
Chile | Ongoing
The Ozone Unit of Chile’s Ministry of Environment, with funding from the Coalition and support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has installed a Transcritical CO2 refrigeration...
Workstream | HFC
HFCs have a wide range of uses, including in foams, refrigeration, and aerosols, and manufacturers tend to use well-known existing technology solutions that currently are not as climate-friendly as...
Workstream | HFC
These demonstration projects, approved by the Coalition's Working Group in April 2014, will demonstrate and promote the deployment of low-global warming potential (GWP), climate-friendly alternatives...
Workstream | Bricks
The Coalition provides training to brick kiln entrepreneurs, policy makers and implementers, and key consumers to facilitate the adoption of modern kiln technologies and practices. In many developing...
Bricks field training in Pakistan
Workstream | Heavy-Duty Vehicles
The overall objective of this workstream is to address the area of ports and marine vessels where there is significant need and opportunity for improved climate and health benefits through major...


2017 | Awareness Materials
, Ministry of Environment, Chile

A Spanish language public awareness brochure that explains the impacts of air pollution on health and the environment, its sources and impacts and the action of the government of Chile to...


Ministry of Environment, Teatinos 254/258
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